With more than 200 years since its first publication, “Philosophy in the bedroom”, as well as all the works of the Marquis de Sade remain shocking to the general public. In addition to being scarce, the most recent editions of the work do not explore the potential of Sade’s speech, on the contrary, they often transform their texts into content for purely pornographic purposes.
Sade, like most libertines, scandalizes and draws attention to the highly sensual and violent content contained in his texts, for this reason the ideas, or ideals that live with this scenario are often suppressed. Would these ideas be morally dubious only for the conservative society? Was Sade just a spoiled and criminal bourgeois? These and many other questions surrounding the libertine - widely studied by psychoanalysis - remain in doubt. Exposure or, punctuation of possible meanings and positions that permeate the work, has relevance as an instigating tool for the critical thinking of this reading.​​​​​​​
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